The Best Jewelry to Use for A Perfect Holiday

Selecting the type of jewelry to wear for the holiday can be difficult especially if you don’t know which one fits best for the occasion. There are some jewelries that will look good, but there are also instances where it doesn’t completely match with the occasion at all. So if you need help on how you can achieve the perfect jewelry to wear for the specific holiday, then this guideline inspiraed to one of the multiple guide provided by Harry Georje Diamonds can help you to make the right choice for your taste and pocket. We hope you enjoy the reading.

Colored diamonds – Every holiday party wouldn’t be complete without colors on it. You should set your holiday color palette by going with colored diamonds. There is no denying that there is true beauty when it comes to colored diamonds since they are also one of the rarest gems in the planet. If you ever own one of these beauties, make sure to wear them when you’re attending some of the most special occasions because it is sure to dazzle on the outfit that you’re wearing. There’s no denying that this type of gem is the finest one that you’ll wear for any big occasion that you will be attending.

Unusual gemstones – If you don’t own a colored diamond because it doesn’t comply with your budget then you shouldn’t worry about it because there’s a beautiful rainbow of gems that you can afford. There are colored gemstones out there that comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors wherein they are also budget-friendly and will go well with your holiday look. Sapphire, emerald, and ruby are considered to be classic jewelries that never goes out of style. It would be better if you push even beyond the classics by selecting some colored gemstones that aren’t always on everyone’s radar.

Pearls – This stunning jewelry is something that you shouldn’t keep in hiding for too long because it can have many uses for the holiday season. No matter how big or small the party is that you’d be going to, pearls are still considered to be some of the best choices to wear for the occasion. If you’ve been hiding your pearls from your jewelry collection for too long, then now’s probably the best time to take them out of storage and start wearing them again. This is something that you shouldn’t left out of in any occasion that you’d be going to.

Colorless diamonds – This gemstone variety are forever fashionable, but the way that they are worn and style can change it dramatically. If you are going on a big night out, then you should provide some highlights to your attire by wearing a grand diamond cocktail ring. If this statement ring isn’t a thing for you, then minimalist pieces that have a solitaire diamond are the trendiest ways to use your colorless diamonds into any of your holidays get up. This will certainly provide your outfit with the much needed brilliance it needs to make your appearance stand out. Just make sure that you follow the proper cleaning procedures for your colorless diamond so that it will sparkle for many years to come.

Common Characteristics of a Real Diamond

It might come as a shock to you but in this modern time, fake diamonds are being sold in many markets since most people can’t afford to buy the real thing. The problem is that sometimes people are not aware they have been sold a fake one and they just think it’s a great deal. (see more about different type of diamonds here) In fact, these fake diamonds may even look like the real deal, and there’s no reason why some people would prefer this over the real one. But if you’re into the genuine type of diamond, you must be careful with your purchase to ensure that you won’t be buying the fake kind. So far, you should be on a lookout for these characteristics if you want to know what a real diamond is actually like.

Hard – Diamonds are known to be the hardest metals on the planet. If the piece you have instantly breaks upon being dropped on cement, there’s no doubt that what you own is a fake one. It would be good if you didn’t pay that much for the fake diamond, otherwise, it can be devastating for you.

Different colors – The rarest kind of diamonds comes in blue, pink, and yellow colors. If the jeweler claims that the diamond is rare, but it doesn’t have that kind of color, you should ask for an explanation from them right away.

It can cause scratches on anything – Apart from the fact that diamonds are the hardest metals on the planet, it can also scratch almost anything that you can think of. You can try it on a piece of glass wherein if it causes a scratch and doesn’t break, then you know that what you have is the real deal.

It doesn’t have a clear perception – If the diamond you have is real, then there’s a chance that you won’t be able to see right through it. Most fake diamonds are made of glass, so whenever you hover it over a piece of paper, you will be able to see the letters clearly. Also, real diamonds will break any reflection coming from the prints.

Shades of gray – A real diamond will portray only reflections with different shades of gray. But if the diamond is a fake one, then the reflections that it has are more colorful.

Cleared fog – Try breathing on a diamond. If there’s a fog buildup, then there’s no doubt that it’s a fake one. A real one will easily disperse the fog before you can even get a good glimpse at it.

Reflection of light – A real diamond will reflect light no matter which side you cast the light on. If any of the sides of the diamond deflects the shine, then it’s probably a fake one.

It cannot be heated – Just like fog, a real diamond will disperse the heat fast. You can do this test by heating the diamond for about 30 seconds, and if it becomes hot, it is fake.

Scratches – A real diamond won’t have many scratches compared to what a fake one does. So if the one you have does have a whole lot, then you might say that it is a fake one.

Joints – When doing any test to determine if the diamond is genuine, make sure to try it on all sides. There are some sellers who would attach real diamonds with fake ones on the bottom. To test it out, throw the diamond in a glass of water. If it floats then the diamond might be a fake one, or it is part real and part fake.

How to Maximize the Sparkle in A Diamond

The sparkle that a diamond emits is one of the things that makes it so valuable. It really enhances the beauty that the diamond already has and it will surely make it look like brand new even if you have owned it for a long time already. Also, a diamond that really shines will really capture everyone’s attention, and they will notice it every time you will be wearing it. So if you plan on buying a diamond then here are some tips for you to get the most diamond sparkle.

Bigger is not always better – A lot of people would always prefer to buy big diamonds because they believe that the bigger they are, the better they sparkle. But the truth is, diamonds that have the same color, clarity, and proportions can emit the same sparkle regardless of its size. Regarding its physical appearance, you might perceive that there’s a difference when you compare 2 different diamonds that have different sizes. If you have a diamond that weighs in at 0.25 carats, it may seem that it sparkles less than a 1.00 carat diamond when you put them beside each other. So when you’re choosing a diamond, you should choose between them that falls within a narrow size range. Even the smallest difference in its size won’t have any effects on your perception of its sparkle.

Select a diamond with good clarity and color – According to researchers, diamonds that are graded low on the D to Z color range tend to diminish in its brightness. Also, the clarity issues in diamonds that has a grade of SI2 or I can diminish the fire’s appearance. Both of them will surely reduce the sparkle that a diamond has.

More diamonds, more sparkle – This one is a big YES! If you have more diamonds regardless of its size, it will provide more sparkle to your engagement ring. Because of this, it made pave settings and diamond side stones a popular choice for many consumers. So it would be better always to choose a setting with lots of diamonds surrounding it.

Choose the right setting – If you want something that has a larger visual display, you should try considering a prong setting wherein it is better in letting light enter the diamond compared to bezel settings since it covers a majority of the top surface of the diamond.

Keep the diamond clean – Of all the tips, this one is probably the best one and the most important of them all. If a diamond is dirty, then there’s no doubt that it won’t sparkle. Diamonds can easily attract grease, so it’s important that you do some quick cleaning on it each day. Also, keep in mind that the oil in your hands can cause the diamond to become dirty as well, so an everyday cleaning is essential for it,

A sparkling diamond is the best-looking diamond, so it’s important that you always provide them with the best of care.