How to Maximize the Sparkle in A Diamond

The sparkle that a diamond emits is one of the things that makes it so valuable. It really enhances the beauty that the diamond already has and it will surely make it look like brand new even if you have owned it for a long time already. Also, a diamond that really shines will really capture everyone’s attention, and they will notice it every time you will be wearing it. So if you plan on buying a diamond then here are some tips for you to get the most diamond sparkle.

Bigger is not always better – A lot of people would always prefer to buy big diamonds because they believe that the bigger they are, the better they sparkle. But the truth is, diamonds that have the same color, clarity, and proportions can emit the same sparkle regardless of its size. Regarding its physical appearance, you might perceive that there’s a difference when you compare 2 different diamonds that have different sizes. If you have a diamond that weighs in at 0.25 carats, it may seem that it sparkles less than a 1.00 carat diamond when you put them beside each other. So when you’re choosing a diamond, you should choose between them that falls within a narrow size range. Even the smallest difference in its size won’t have any effects on your perception of its sparkle.

Select a diamond with good clarity and color – According to researchers, diamonds that are graded low on the D to Z color range tend to diminish in its brightness. Also, the clarity issues in diamonds that has a grade of SI2 or I can diminish the fire’s appearance. Both of them will surely reduce the sparkle that a diamond has.

More diamonds, more sparkle – This one is a big YES! If you have more diamonds regardless of its size, it will provide more sparkle to your engagement ring. Because of this, it made pave settings and diamond side stones a popular choice for many consumers. So it would be better always to choose a setting with lots of diamonds surrounding it.

Choose the right setting – If you want something that has a larger visual display, you should try considering a prong setting wherein it is better in letting light enter the diamond compared to bezel settings since it covers a majority of the top surface of the diamond.

Keep the diamond clean – Of all the tips, this one is probably the best one and the most important of them all. If a diamond is dirty, then there’s no doubt that it won’t sparkle. Diamonds can easily attract grease, so it’s important that you do some quick cleaning on it each day. Also, keep in mind that the oil in your hands can cause the diamond to become dirty as well, so an everyday cleaning is essential for it,

A sparkling diamond is the best-looking diamond, so it’s important that you always provide them with the best of care.